Week 16 picks, and fantasy football problem

Ignore last week’s 3-13 debacle. It was just a bad week, capped off by the fact I lost a few games by one or two points (stupid spread). I have to do better than that this week. I’m already 2-0!

Before I get to my picks, I have a fantasy football conundrum. I have to play a defence today. I have the New Orleans Saints against the Detroit Lions, or the New England Patriots against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Saints defence is generally worse, but it’s against an 0-14 team. The Pats defence is better, but Arizona has shown they can score a bunch of points.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Anyways, on to my picks.

NFL Week 16: tommco’s Picks
Game Spread Pick
Indianapolis at Jacksonville Line: Colts by 6 1/2 Colts
Baltimore at Dallas Line: Cowboys by 4 1/2 Ravens
Cincinnati at Cleveland Line: Browns by 2 1/2 Browns
Pittsburgh at Tennessee Line: Steelers by 1 1/2 Steelers
San Diego at Tampa Bay Line: Buccaneers by 3 1/2 Buccaneers
New Orleans at Detroit Line: Saints by 6 1/2 Saints
Arizona at New England Line: Patriots by 7 1/2 Patriots
Miami at Kansas City Line: Dolphins by 3 1/2 Dolphins
San Francisco at St.Louis Line: 49ers by 5 1/2 Rams
Buffalo at Denver Line: Broncos by 6 1/2 Broncos
New York at Seattle Line: Jets by 4 1/2 Jets
Houston at Oakland Line: Texans by 6 1/2 Texans
Atlanta at Minnesota Line: Vikings by 3 1/2 Falcons
Philadelphia at Washington Line: Eagles by 4 1/2 Eagles
Carolina at New York Line: Giants by 2 1/2 Panthers
Green Bay at Chicago Line: Bears by 4 1/2 Bears


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2 responses to “Week 16 picks, and fantasy football problem

  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Looks like it wouldn’t mattter which you picked, both gave up very little. Cards looked just terrible in the snow. I didn’t make it to the compurter in time to make the picks so I am taking this as my Bye Week and maybe next week I will pick it up going into the playoffs.

  2. Avy Smith

    Fantasy Football can be read, viewed and seen on http://www.sportsviews.com/index.php This is a website which airs everything on fantasy football!

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