Media’s fault?

Maybe I’m overly sensitive, but I’m tired of people blaming the media for the world’s problems.

I was at a party the other night, when people started talking about the fact the world’s economy isn’t that bad, but it’s the media that makes it seem so.

I’m sorry, I’ve heard the media blamed for a lot of things, but this one takes the cake.

It’s the media’s fault that the big three automakers are on the verge of bankruptcy and needs the government to bail them out?

It’s the media’s fault that Americans are losing their houses because they can’t afford it?

It’s the media’s fault that people are losing their jobs? That retailers aren’t selling as much merchandise? That the Canadian government is trying to bring in a budget controversial enough that it led to a coalition?

There are some things that the media could be arguably blamed for (giving publicity to the wrong people, sensationalizing Hollywood actors, etc.).

But the economy?

Get real.



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2 responses to “Media’s fault?

  1. Graham

    You’re right none of those things you’ve mentioned are the media’s fault and it is silly to suggest it. However, one needs to look no further than FoxNews or CNN to see that the style in which a news story is presented can definitely alter the perception of it’s content. And seeing that the stock market is highly sensitive to investors’ emotions, the way in which a story on the stock market is presented can certainly impact a persons’ willingness to invest.

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