Survivor finale

So the Survivor final was last night.

And once again, the show proves that as soon as you get cocky, you’re going to get booted. Originally it was the Kota tribe, who dominated the early-season challenges. So Marcus, Charlie and Corrine got the boot. When Randy got cocky, he got the boot. Then it was Kenny. Finally, Sugar was confident that Susie Smith couldn’t win the final challenge. So you can guess who won.

For the most part, most of the players were likable.

Corrine, though, is another story. She said during the show that if people say you’re nice, that means you have no personality. Then that means on the flip side, if people can only say you’re mean, that must mean you don’t have a personality as well.

So Corrine has absolutely no personality. She is mean, and that’s about it. She tried to be funny, but isn’t. She tries to be sexy, but isn’t. She tries to be sarcastic, but fails. She just doesn’t have any personality, so she tries to be mean. That’s why she says she loves it and the boos, because it’s an act.

Think of when Jerri was on the show. During the all-stars reunion, she left the stage when she got booed because it upset her. She was more naturally mean, but she didn’t revel it in. Corrine is an act.

Same thing for Randy. You could tell he was trying to be angry and mopey and not laugh or smile, but he couldn’t help himself. That isn’t him either, but an act he put on.

Sugar deserves better than what she got. She played the game with her heart. She outwitted so many people, but they hated her for it. Jealousy rears her ugly head. I can never understand why so many people can say it’s a game, but hold such bitterness, and not vote for the best player.

And I was mostly surprised that science professor Bob Crowley didn’t do even better in the final vote. He received four votes to Suzy’s three. How did Suzy get three votes? She was the least worthy finalist of the final five. Only former Olympic gold medalist Crystal was worse (she was useless at camp, in challenges and Kenny did all the thinking).

Overall though, a very enjoyable season of Survivor. One of the best of all time.


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