Fire Murray

Ever watch a team play, see that they’re not very good, and wonder how the general manager still has a job?

In the NFL, it was Matt Millen and the Detroit Lions. He was the GM who screwed this team up for years without paying for it, until he was fired this season.

Well, the NHL has its own version of Matt Millen: He’s called Bryan Murray.

Two years ago, John Muckler was the GM of the Ottawa Senators. The team had made it to the Stanley Cup finals. They were the second highest scoring team in the regular season.

But for some reason, they decided to fire Muckler and bring in coach Bryan Murray as general manager. Murray has put his mark on the Sens. He has signed Jarkko Ruuttu, Jason Smith, Alex Auld and Brendan Bell.

They are one of the worst teams in the league, is the worst team for goals for, is now on his third coach in one and a half seasons, let the locker room morale suffer so much that quite a few players had to be traded away to try and get it back.

How is no one calling for this guy to be fired? Since he took over, the team has gone downhill. Their record is pitiful. They can’t score. And if it wasn’t for Auld (who has been the saviour of the Sens this season), this team would struggle to get to 20 wins.



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2 responses to “Fire Murray

  1. Avy Smith

    By firing Murray if the management thinks that the issue will be sorted out and will be put an end to once and for all, then why wait? Why not do it right now? One needs to take a very pragmatic approach towards handling such matters….. Visit to check this out!

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