Front Page Challenge

A posting on a great blog (Denis Kane’s Excellent Montreal Canadiens Blog) reminded me of Front Page Challenge.

On the CBC for decades, it was fun game show that tested Canadian journalists’ knowledge of the news, both nationally and internationally. Basically, someone who was in the news was on the program (although the players couldn’t see him or her). The players — which included Gordon Sinclair and Pierre Berton — would ask questions and try to guess who the newsmaker was.

I remember doing my spelling lessons every Thursday night during the commercials of Front Page Challenge. Maybe the journalist in me was trying to get out way back then.

Anyways, it was a great program. I wish they would bring it back. You can read more about it here.

Below, you’ll see a clip of Malcolm X on the program back in 1964.



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One response to “Front Page Challenge

  1. Dennis

    That was great to watch, Tom. Thanks for that. What memories. Maybe Canadians do reality shows better than anybody else because I also like Dragon’s Den.
    Probably too, about FPC, was the winning combination of Berton, Sinclair, Betty Kennedy, and of course, Fred Davis. Maybe other combinations wouldn’t have worked as well. It was a great show and takes me back to times I miss.
    Thanks for posting that.

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