Dion steps down

So Stephane Dion has now officially stepped down as the leader of the Liberal party.

Have you ever seen a worse politician in all your life?

There may have been politicians you hated, but at least they didn’t make the mistakes this guy did.

From sending out a taped blurry video response last week, to losing plenty of seats in the last election, the national Liberal party has probably never seen such hardships.

They have lost support, power and respect from many people during Dion’s tenure.

Now, Michael Ignatieff may be the interim leader, but I don’t think he should be rushed into it. He still wants to be the permanent leader, and to have him be temporary leader is unfair to others (Bob Rae) who will be running against him.

Sure, they need a change. But to make it unfair just adds to the travesty that is now the Liberal party.


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