Nude pictures

So these two teenaged girls in Seattle decided to take nude cellphone pictures of themselves and send it to their boyfriends on the football team.

The boys, being boys, decided to send the photos on to their friends, who sent it on to their friends, and so on, until the whole school had seen the photos.

The girls were suspended from the cheerleading squad, one for 30 days and one for the whole season. The boys never got any suspension at all.

So that made the parents angry, and they decided to sue the school. Not because the punishment was too severe, but because it wasn’t evenly applied throughout the school. The parents think all students who received and forwarded the photos should be suspended.

One thing I haven’t been able to figure out though, is why the school would suspend the kids in the first place. If the photos were taken at school, that’s one thing. But if the photos were taken at home, then the school should have no jurisdiction. But none of the news stories say where this all took place.

I think that’s ludicrous. The kids screwed up, got punished, and that should be the end of that. By suing, the parents are actually bringing more attention onto their kids.



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2 responses to “Nude pictures

  1. Graham

    Wasn’t this an episode on Degrassi the next generation?

  2. celebsip

    But school do have a right on something that affects the school team, right?

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