Bad year?

So as many of you know, there’s been a certain team that has been slumping lately (no, I’m not talking about the Ottawa Senators: This post is about another team), although they’ve now won a couple in a row.

Apparently, this team hasn’t been playing too well lately, even though they’re second in their division. As of this morning, they have a record of 15 wins, six losses and four overtime/shootout losses for 34 points. Despite this, many people are ready to push the panic button and blow up the team.

They were expected to be the number one team in the Eastern conference. But sadly, a division rival not expected to be there is the top team.

Their powerplay, one of the most feared, has slipped this year.

They have a young goalie who’s been keeping them in games, and even though they have a lot of youth on their team, they haven’t been scoring enough, I hear. They need another top six forward, and a top-four defenceman.

Think I’m talking about the Montreal Canadiens? Of course not. I’m obviously talking about the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Pittsburgh has scored 82 goals to Montreal’s 78, and had allowed 68 goals to Montreal’s 67. They also have identical records.

Obviously, they must be in a tailspin like the Habs. Although I wonder if they are, because I don’t hear their fans complaining like Habs fans do.

But the Habs are only four points out of the conference lead.

But I take solace in this: If Montreal is playing this horrible, and is still tied for fourth in the conference, how good will this team be when they get out of their slump and actually start winning?


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  1. Dennis

    Good points Tom. And I did think you were talking about Montreal.

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