And the winner is…

So Canada has voted for the hottest Canadians.

This year, officials with the Gemini awards decided to add a new category. They asked people to vote for the Hottest male and female Canadian.

After a vote to whittle it down from 20 to 5, and then another vote to pick the winner from those five, the winners were announced last night at the awards ceremony.

And the hottest female Canadian is:


Leah Miller from So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

And the hottest male Canadian is:


Brendan Fehr from Samurai Girl and CSI: Miami.



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3 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. Shawn R

    Canada, you can do better.


  2. Jen

    Yuck… There’s gotta be hotter Canadian celebs that those two. I think the winners were probably ones who were available to attend the awards ceremony.

  3. Karla

    U both suck!! brendan’s a hottie and a talented one at that. if i knew about the gemini awards b4 i would have voted for him 2. and obviously a lot of Canadians agree w/this american girl. that pic of him is from roswell (best show ever) about 7 years ago and he keeps getting hotter w/age.

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