NFL picks Week 12

So last week wasn’t the greatest week when it came to football picks. But I’m hoping week 12 will be better.

I’m already one for one, with my prediction of the Pittsburgh Steelers winning by at least 11 in the Thursday night game.

My thoughts on some of the picks:

— I find the Philadelphia Eagles get worse as the season goes on. Whether it’s fatigue, or injuries or whatever, they just stop playing well. So I like the Baltimore Ravens to win that game.

— A lot of people are thinking Brett Favre and the New York Jets can give the Tennessee Titans their first loss of the season. I know Tennessee hasn’t played a top offensive team this season, but I think this will be one of those games that a team gets themselves up for.

— My favourite team, the Detroit Lions, aren’t winning a game this year. As soon as I see the Lions, I have to go against them. Sad, I know.

— I think the New England Patriots won’t be surprised by the Miami Dolphins again. Matt Cassel looks more comfortable now as the quarterback, and the Patriots will be ready for the Dolphins new look offence.

— My pick for the game of the week: New York Giants at the Arizona Cardinals. A great defence against a great offence. But I see Kurt Warner getting sacked at least four times, and fumbling the ball at least twice.


NFL Week 12: tommco’s Picks
Game Spread Pick
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Line: Steelers by 10 1/2 Steelers
Philadelphia at Baltimore Line: Ravens by 1 1/2 Ravens
New York at Tennessee Line: Titans by 5 1/2 Titans
Tampa Bay at Detroit Line: Buccaneers by 8 1/2 Buccaneers
Minnesota at Jacksonville Line: Jaguars by 2 1/2 Vikings
Buffalo at Kansas City Line: Bills by 2 1/2 Bills
Chicago at St.Louis Line: Bears by 7 1/2 Bears
New England at Miami Line: Dolphins by 1 1/2 Patriots
San Francisco at Dallas Line: Cowboys by 10 1/2 Cowboys
Houston at Cleveland Line: Browns by 2 1/2 Browns
Oakland at Denver Line: Broncos by 9 1/2 Broncos
Carolina at Atlanta Line: Falcons by 1 1/2 Panthers
New York at Arizona Line: Giants by 3 1/2 Giants
Washington at Seattle Line: Redskins by 3 1/2 Redskins
Indianapolis at San Diego Line: Chargers by 2 1/2 Colts
Green Bay at New Orleans Line: Saints by 2 1/2 Saints
Tie Breaker: 80 total pts in last game

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