Montreal needs to trade …

Over at the Four Habs Fans blog, there’s a bit of a debate about whether the Montreal Canadiens should replace coach Guy Carbonneau because of the team’s play of late.

They’re also had a posting about what has happened to the Kostitsyn brothers.

But I think the troubles of the Canadiens can sit on the shoulders of one man: Chris Higgins.

Why people continue to love this guy is beyond me. I think he’s a one-dimension character, and this recent slide of the Habs started when Higgins came back from injury earlier this year.

Higgins missed the start of the season because of a groin injury. While he was out, Montreal had a start of 6-1-1. He comes back, and the Habs immediately lose 6-4 to Anaheim.

There’s a theory that when a team is going well and winning, you don’t mess up the lines. But the Canadiens did that to make room for Higgins. The next game was a shootout win for the Habs against Carolina, and then a close 2-1 victory in Minnesota. You could already see the downslide begin.

A come from behind victory against the Islanders, and after that, the team went kaput. The Habs have lost five of their last eight. They’re barely in games.

Higgins has moved up and down the lineup. He has a total of four goals in 12 games, and three of those goals came in the same game. He doesn’t have a point in his last five games. People keep wondering what is wrong the Kostitsyn brothers or Tomas Plekanec, but where is the talk of Higgins being brutal?

I know a lot of fans love him, but I don’t see what the big attraction is. He’s never scored 30 goals in a season. He’s only had more than 38 points in a season once. This is the first season where he’s been a plus, and he’s a plus 1. People talk about him as if he’s the first coming of Carey Price or something.

He has seven points this season. Six of those came in a four-game stretch. He’s streakier and more inconsistent than Mike Fisher, and that’s saying something.

And yet other teams seem to covet him as much as Montreal fans do. Trade the bum already. We could have gotten Sundin last year for Higgins? Minnesota wants him as part of a deal for Gaborik? Hamilton is calling his name? Just send him somewhere!

I’ll never understand why Higgins can do nothing for games, yet people love him. But when it’s Latendresse or Ryder in years past, people are all over them. At least Ryder knows what it’s like to get 30 goals in a season. 

I know he has a lot of fans, but the CH in the Habs logo doesn’t stand for Chris Higgins. It’s time for him to go.


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