More things to do

So I’ve added to my list of things I want to accomplish.

A lot of people have a bucket list (things you want to accomplish before you die). I have 60 on my list so far, and I’ve done two of them. I’m trying to get 100 items, so if you know something that you’ve heard me mention that I’ve always wanted to do, let me know.

Anyways, new additions (you can see the full list on the tab at the top of this page or click here):

55. Get a six-pack of abs.

56. Own a jersey from every NHL team (and maybe a few defunct teams).

57. Learn to play a musical instrument.

58. Ride a mechanical bull.

59. Create a list of 100 books to read, and read them.

60. Milk a cow.


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One response to “More things to do

  1. I’ve never actually written a list but it’s a cool idea. I accomplished two things I wanted to do in my lifetime over the last year and a half and it’s a pretty good feeling:

    1st was being front row at a Bruce Springsteen w/E-Street Band show. To top it off it was general admission so Jen and I were right at the stage, centre, right in front of “The Boss” all night. Got a high-5 from him.

    2nd was seeing a ball game at Yankee Stadium – we watched Jays vs. Yankees. At the 7th inning stretch we saw seats clearing out on the 1st level and watched the last 2 innings about 50 metres from the field, right behind home plate.

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