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It’s time for Sens fans to put their money where their mouths are.

For years, fans would look at the Toronto Maple Leafs and laugh at them for being such a bad team. But they would also laugh at the fans for continuing to support the team. “How could Leaf fans continue to support the team by buying tickets and actually going to to the games?” they would say.

Now, Ottawa is the third worst team in the league. They are the third worst in the Eastern conference in goals. They can’t get secondary scoring.

If you go back a year, they have one of the worst records in the NHL. They’ve had three head coaches and none of them can get this team to respond.

Now, there’s a few reasons why the Sens are so bad. First, I’m tired of people saying the Sens draft well. They haven’t had a good first round pick that is still with the team since 2001, when they drafted Jason Spezza second overall. But since then?

• 2001: Tim Gleason, 23rd overall: Traded before he ever played an NHL game for a player no longer with the team.

• 2002: Jakub Klepis, 16th overall: Again, traded before he ever played a game for a player no longer with the team.

• 2003: Patrick Eaves, 29th overall: Good news! He actually played for the Sens. But was traded for two players who are no longer part of the team.

• 2004: Andrej Meszaros, 23rd overall: Just traded last season and the players still play for the team!

• 2005: Brian Lee, 9th overall: Has played a total of six games in his NHL career, and is having trouble making the lineup of one of the worst teams in the league.

I didn’t include the last three years because it hasn’t been enough time to make an impact yet. But that’s five poor years of drafting. But when your best pick once scored 20 goals in a season and that’s about it, you know you’re not drafting well.

Now, general manager Bryan Murray has not been able to bring in the players needed to help this team. In fact, since Bryan Murray took over after the team went to the Stanley Cup finals, there are 11 players no longer with the team, and they have become one of the worst in the league. There are nine who played in the final playoff game that year that are now playing elsewhere.

Why is there no one calling for Murray to be fired? He hasn’t been able to get any players for secondary scoring help, can’t control the team’s demise, but yet all of Ottawa seems to believe he’s still the man for the job. How does that happen?

And fans are foolish for believing this team could be competitive. They’re like the Lightning from a couple of years ago. One good line, not much more scoring help and suspect goaltending. Why do fans believe this can be the recipie for success?

So what’s left? It’s time the fans took their own advice, and stop going to games. Don’t boo the Sens after a bad loss, let there be a silence that can only be done with empty seats.

The Sens fans gave this advice to Leaf fans for years. Let’s see if they can take it when it’s their team that sucks.

After all, the best way to support your team when they’re down is to give up on them completely, or so they say.



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4 responses to “Send a message

  1. Cathy

    hey tom. enough sports talk. what else is going on in your life? visit any nice people or super cute babies lately?

  2. Dennis

    Good post, Tom. Even though I lived in Ottawa for 15 years, I still can’t bring myself to even remotely like the Senators. (even though I miss the city in many ways.)
    And your tongue-in-cheek previous post was great. I’m the first to admit that I panic when the Canadiens lose one ot two. I can’t help it.

  3. blair

    But so are the facts, let’s take a look at them for fun:

    Let’s start by comparing Ottawa’s and Montreal’s playoff records:

    Montreal’s playoff history:
    2008: lost in semis
    2007: Didn’t make playoffs.
    2006: lost in first round.
    2004: lost in semis
    2003: didn’t make playoffs
    2002: lost in second round
    2001: didn’t make the mustard
    2000: Once again didn’t make playoffs
    1999: Not to be repetitive, but didn’t make playoffs
    1998: lose in second round

    Ottawa’s playoff history:
    2008: lost first round of playoffs.
    2007: advanced to Stanley Cup finals
    2006: lost in second round of playoffs
    2004: lost in first round
    2003: lost in conference finals
    2002: lost in conference semifinals
    2001: lost in first round
    2000: lost in first round

    Sens make playoffs seven out of eight times, make it to the Stanley Cup finals, and conference finals.
    Habs make playoffs five out of 10 times, don’t make it to the Stanley Cup finals.

    Conclusion: The Sens have a habit of making the playoffs over recent history.
    The Habs? Well, they don’t.

    Not making the playoffs makes for some high draft picks though:

    Montreal’s draft history:
    2007: 12th overall pick, Ryan McDonagh, not with team.
    2006: 20th pick, David Fischer, not with team.
    2005: 5th pick, Carey Price.
    2004:18th pick, Kyle Chipchura
    2003: 10th pick, Andrei Kostitsyn
    2002: 14th pick: Chris Higgins
    2001: 7th pick: Mike Komisarek
    2000: 13th pick: Ron Hainsey

    Ottawa’s draft history:
    2007: 29th pick, Jim O’Brien
    2006: 28th pick, Nick Foligno
    2005: 9th pick, Brian Lee
    2004: 23rd pick, Andrej Meszaros
    2003: 29th pick, Patrick Eaves
    2002: 16th pick, Jakub Klepis
    2001: 2nd pick: Jason Spezza
    2000: 21st pick: Anton Volchenkov

    Montreal: six out of 8 picks make the club.
    Ottawa: six out of 10 picks make the club.

    Hmmm. Even with a much better position at the draft table over the last eight years, Montreal doesn’t come out ahead — blame it on the Sens superior drafting ability.

    If there’s any team that has demonstrated poor regular season and playoff permances over the past decade, that would be the Habs.

    So, using your logic, Montreal fans should have stopped attending Canadiens games in 2000.

    As for Sens fans, we’re really not all that used to watching a team with a losing record.

    Perhaps a veteran fan of a losing team like yourself could offer we short-suffering Sens fans a few tips.

  4. newfcollins

    Hey Blair, You forgot Tim Gleason in your list of first-round picks. But where you do get six of 10 Sens picks make the club? You only have 8 listed. And only five of those made the club on any permanent basis (you can’t count Brian Lee, as he’s in the minors).

    Must be the Senators math: one good line + shaky goaltending + no puck-moving defencemen = playoff spot. Every other team can see it doesn’t add up, except for the Sens.

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