Push the panic button! Quick!

The Habs haven’t played too well lately. It’s time to blow up this team and start over.

The Montreal Canadiens have a record on 9-4-2. That is dispicible. How dare they not have a record of 15-0-0. Especially in their Centennial year.

And they lost to the Boston Bruins on Thursday. I mean, just because they won 12 straight games over the Bruins before that is no matter. Obviously, the Bruins are a much better team than the Habs.

And they lost to the Toronto Maple Leafs! Just because the Habs defeated both the Bruins and the Leafs earlier in the season doesn’t count.

It’s time to trade everyone away and start over. We should trade for Marian Gaborik and Ilya Kovalchuk, and sign Mats Sundin. And see if we can’t convince Calgary to send Dion Phaneuf our way as well.

We need to hurry. There’s no time to waste. The playoffs will be here in five months. Move it, move it, move it.



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3 responses to “Push the panic button! Quick!

  1. igotfuckedbymyinsuranceagent

    good post, there’s need to be a little concern but as soon as this team starts clicking even a little bit everyone will forget this ridiculous collective nervous breakdown that Habs fans had this year.
    I still wouldn’t mind seeing Higgins traded for a 4th d man.

  2. blair

    Well that’s what I said at the beginning of their season.
    I’m glad you finally came around.
    The first step is admitting the Habs have a problem. I really don’t think any trade will help your team however.

  3. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Ok, get Dion Phaneuf but make sure that Elisha Cuthbert comes with him. Maybe the team should be sold to Jim Balsillie as well. Wouldn’t that solve all the other issues?

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