CN Tower for sale

So the federal government is thinking of selling the CN Tower in Toronto.

It’s a way to keep the books balanced while there’s a financial crisis going on around the world.

There’s no word on how much it will be sold for, or if there are any interested buyers.

But could you imagine that sales pitch?

Yes sir, have we got a deal for you. Only 33 years old and barely a scratch on her. Only a little old lady from Pasadena and 2 million other annual visitors have ever used this. One of the largest structures in the world. Your neighbours will be green with envy when they see you with this. The owner is anxious to sell. Make us an offer.

I wonder how much it will go for. For some reason, I can see Bell buying the tower, and renaming it. So every time there’s a baseball game at the Rogers Centre (formerly known as the Skydome and is owned by competitior Rogers), Bell would have a major landmark in the scene shots they use.



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4 responses to “CN Tower for sale

  1. Steve

    Won’t happen. You don’t sell assets to pay for operating expenses. It makes no sense. What happens next year?

  2. blair

    Waiting for blog about last night’s Habs game.

  3. newfcollins

    Never saw it, because I was playing ball hockey. But I did catch the third period of the Sens loss to the last place team. At least my team lost to a division leader, not the league’s worst team.

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