Montreal 4, Ottawa 0

So the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Ottawa Senators last night by a 4-0 score.

I don’t want to rub it in too much, but I do have to point out the Sens have scored only three goals in more than two and a half games since Christoph Schubert made this breakaway move against the Flyers a couple of games ago.

With offence like this, how are they not winning more games?

By the way, wait until the replay to get a true sense of how sweet a play this is.



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4 responses to “Montreal 4, Ottawa 0

  1. This makes me laugh every time I see it.
    He’s not going to live that one down for a LONG time…

  2. Montreal played an awesome game. Dangit.

  3. Cheryl

    Hey, at least they won against the Flyers, even with bad moves like that one.

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