Greatest games?

So the Montreal Canadiens have just released a DVD of its 10 greatest games in history. But there’s once missing.

The 10 chosen games are pretty good. They are the full games, English version of the following:habs-games

• The Habs winning its fifth consecutive Stanley Cup in 1960.

• Montreal against the Red Army on New Year’s Eve in 1975.

• Montreal winning its second Cup in a row in 1977.

• Semifinal game against the Boston Bruins in 1979 (when the Bruins were called for too many players on the ice).

• Adams division final game against the Quebec Nordiques in 1984.

• Habs win the Stanley Cup against the Calgary Flames in 1986.

• Habs win the Stanley Cup against the Los Angeles Kings in 1993.

• The last game at the Montreal Forum in 1996.

• The outdoor game against the Edmonton Oilers in 2003.

• The Canadiens coming back when down 5-0 to win against the New York Rangers in 2008.

Without a doubt, there are some great games on the DVD.

But I think there is one glaring omission.

Saku Koivu’s first game back after battling cancer. In 2002, Koivu was diagnosed with cancer and missed most of the season. He came back with three games left before the playoffs.

Koviu’s first game back was against the Ottawa Senators. In a very classy move, the Sens stood at the blueline and tapped their sticks in honour of Koivu as he did his pre-game skate. The crowd gave him an eight-minute standing ovation. It was a great game, and Montreal won 4-3 on a last-minute goal. It also clinched a playoff spot for the Canadiens.

The rest of the games are great, but this game should be on the DVD. I’d put it above the Heritage Classic, the Rangers comeback and the Stanley-Cup winning game against the Bruins. I’d even put in before the Red Army game, the Nordiques game and the too many men on the ice game.

It’s a game that really needs to be included, and it’s a shame it’s not there.



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6 responses to “Greatest games?

  1. blair

    What about the game where Ottawa Senator Jason Spezza humiliated Montreal defenceman Sheldon Souray, scoring a beautiful goal on route to yet another Sen victory?
    Gotta be number one.

  2. newfcollins

    Do the Sens even have 10 greatest games?

  3. What were the criteria – the 10 most exciting games? Or 10 most meaningful games? Or 10 games that go well on a dvd collection and get habs fans fired up? The heritage game was pretty cool, but almost every game in the ’93 playoffs (howevermany overtimes) were much more exciting. Same for many games in the early 2000s playoff series vs. the Bruin ( believe ’04 was a really good series). Several games in the ’89 cup final were great games to watch also. I can also remember a couple of montreal vs. edmonton games in the mid 80’s that were pretty damn exciting as well (or at least they seemed pretty exciting to me as an 8 year old).
    Roy storming off the ice in 95 was a pretty low, but still meaningful game in Montreal’s history also. I actually watched that game with you, Tom – don’t know if you remember.
    Just my 2 cents.


  4. newfcollins

    Yeah, I remember watching the Roy debacle with you. It was important that I see that game because Wendy told me she had tickets, and Montreal never lost a game when she had tickets to see it live.

    Of course, we know how all that turned out.

    As for the DVD, I heard once it was voted on by fans, but I never saw anything about it. I think having a good few games over history is great (such as the 1960 game), but there were plenty of games that just weren’t that exciting that’s on this list (like the Habs greatest comeback: it was a dull game for the first two periods).

  5. newfcollins

    Yup. We get together a couple of times a year.

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