Football picks

So I’ll be leaving soon to make some football picks on Pro-Line. By picking six games and betting $2, I can win $130.

Maybe I’m still swooning over my $32 win last week, but I think I have a good shot this week.

These are my picks. Tell me what you think and what you think my odds are.

Note: For all these games, the winners need to win by four points or more.

Jacksonville Jaguars over the Detroit Lions. Jacksonville has lost to two bad the teams the past couple of weeks, and the Lions are the worst team in football. Add it up, and it equals another Lions loss.

Tennessee Titans over the Chicago Bears. Rex Grossman against one of the best defensive teams in the league? I can’t see it happening.

New Orleans Saints over the Atlanta Falcons. This is the most difficult game of the day. New Orleans has lots of offence, but no defence. But I think Drew Brees will be too much for Atlanta to handle.

Green Bay Packers over the Minnesota Vikings. The key to this matchup isn’t the Green Bay offence against the Vikings defence, it’s the Minnesota offence against the Packers defence. I don’t think Minnesota will be able to score many points because of their weak quarterback situations.

Indianapolis Colts over the Pittsburgh Steelers. I had the Steelers until I heard Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t playing. So I can see Peyton Manning having a good enough game to get the Colts a win.

New York Giants over the Phildelphia Eagles. Philly has trouble against good teams. The Giants are the best team in football. Enough said.


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