WWE needs to change

When I started this blog, I didn’t think I’d talk about wrestling much. I know most people out who read this blog there don’t care for it, but still, this needs to be said.

I still watch wrestling occasionally, even though my wife hates it.

But this past Monday Night Raw ended up with me turning the channel after a couple of matches.

Forget whether you like the storylines, the wrestlers, the matches, etc.

It’s just too predictable. That’s the main problem.

Wrestling hit its peak about 10 years ago. There were several reasons for this. But the main thing everyone overlooks is that it wasn’t predictable. You didn’t know who would win each match. You didn’t know who was going to turn on who. You didn’t know if someone would jump ship from another federation and just appear on Raw.

But now you know the results of the matches as soon as they’re announced. The Hardys in a tag team match? Hardyz win. DX in a tag match? DX wins. When there’s an eight-man battle royal and you see William Regal and no one else that has a chance? Regal.

It was after the battle royal that I turned it off. Every battle royal ends the exact same way. Someone is outside the ring that every other “forgets” about. Then when there’s one person left, that wrestler jumps in and eliminates them for the victory, and the announcers fake shock like it’s the first time it’s happened. It happens every time! And it’s boring!

It’s almost like they’re not trying anymore.

The other thing that was different 10 years ago is that the storylines were more interconnected. For example, the Undertaker could be feuding with Kane, but challenging Stone Cold Steve Austin for the title. Meanwhile, Mankind would be also feuding with Austin, and possible the Undertaker too. So that could lead to strange matchups (any combination would be a good tag team match).

It’s time to mix it up. Have DX lose to a young tag team. Don’t announce every time a wrestler is coming back to action or making a guest appearance. Have someone different win a battle royal.

Just stop making it predictable.

Surprises are what keeps fans coming back.

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One response to “WWE needs to change

  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Agreed that it is a bit predictable but it was that way even back in the day. Ultimate Warrior vs Dino Bravo…anyone vs Barry Horowitz. With no WCW and ony TNA there is less real competition, when Ron The Truth Killings is your main defection the pool may be shallow. But a good Diva match is always welcome!

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