Hot moms

So came out with a list late last week. It was the hottest moms in Hollywood. It was surprising, because of who finished Number 1, and where other moms finished (#11 was the biggest shock).

Can you believe Charisma Carpenter didn't make the list?

Can you believe Charisma Carpenter didn't make the list?

Some of those missing from the list: Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Denise Richards, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Garner, Charisma Carpenter, Kate Hudson, Kate Beckinsale, Liv Tyler, Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes, Julia Roberts, Britney Spears, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Shania Twain, Salma Hayek.

Anyways, below is the the list, starting with #11 and working it’s way to #1.

#11: Angelina Jolie: This was the most shocking listing. Most people would put her in the top five, if not the very top of the list. Jolie has six kids, from all parts of the world. It’s almost as if she’s trying to put together an international soccer team.

#10: Gwen Stefani: The former No Doubt rocker has one child and lots of gold records.

#9: Nicole Richie: Not sure how she’s rated as one of the hottest, unless by hottest, you mean skinniest.

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher

#8. Isla Fisher: Should be ranked much higher. The red-headed star of Wedding Crashers, Fisher is married to Sacha Cohen, better known as Borat.

#7. Heidi Klum: The supermodel mother of three, Klum is still hot at the age of 35.

#6. Cindy Crawford: The second supermodel on this list, it seems as if Crawford has been around forever.

#5. Demi Moore: She’s the oldest woman on the list, and has had none of the kids with her current husband, Ashton Kutcher. Instead, the father is Bruce Willis, which automatically makes them cooler.

#4. Jessica Alba: A mother of one, and one of the youngest mothers on this list, this is the choice that has most men drooling.

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa

#3. Faith Hill: The country-singing sensation is married to another country-singing sensation, Tim McGraw.

#2. Halle Berry: Never mind the fact that she’s been in as many bad films as good ones, she never seems to age.

#1. Kelly Ripa: I had the same reaction. What? Don’t get me wrong. I like Kelly. She’s funny, hardworking and cute, but to be #1 on the top list of hottest Hollywood moms is pushing it a little. Maybe Fox News can use a little Tide to Go on this selection and get a do-over.


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