Football picks: Week 9

It’s Sunday. It’s week 9 of the National Football League. It’s time for some NFL predictions.

Let’s just say I don’t see a lot of upsets happening. I don’t think I’ve ever picked so many favourites to cover the spread before. After the picks, I’ll give some of the reasons why I think certain teams will win.


NFL Week 9: tommco’s Picks
Game Spread Pick
New York at Buffalo Line: Bills by 5 1/2 Bills
Detroit at Chicago Line: Bears by 12 1/2 Bears
Jacksonville at Cincinnati Line: Jaguars by 7 1/2 Jaguars
Baltimore at Cleveland Line: Browns by 1 1/2 Ravens
Tampa Bay at Kansas City Line: Buccaneers by 7 1/2 Buccaneers
Houston at Minnesota Line: Vikings by 4 1/2 Vikings
Arizona at St.Louis Line: Cardinals by 2 1/2 Cardinals
Green Bay at Tennessee Line: Titans by 5 1/2 Titans
Miami at Denver Line: Broncos by 3 1/2 Broncos
Dallas at New York Line: Giants by 7 1/2 Giants
Atlanta at Oakland Line: Falcons by 2 1/2 Falcons
Philadelphia at Seattle Line: Eagles by 6 1/2 Eagles
New England at Indianapolis Line: Colts by 5 1/2 Colts
Pittsburgh at Washington Line: Redskins by 2 1/2 Steelers


Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns: I know it’s at Cleveland, and that they’re playing better, but I really can’t see Baltimore losing this. Their defence is just too good for the Browns to handle.

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears: The last time these two teams met, in Detroit, the Bears won 34-7. Expect the Lions to get behind early (probably at least 21-0), and then the Bears defensive team to start getting takeaways as they can take more chances).

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams: This game is almost a coin flip. Each team has shown its good and ugly sides this year. If both teams play good, this should be one of the more entertaining games of the day.

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants: Dallas is still playing Brad Johnson at quarterback, who has been sacked six times in the last two games. The Giants are still leading the league in sacks. You do the math.

New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts: Remember when this seemed like a marquee matchup? Now Tom Brady is injured, Peyton Manning doesn’t look good most weeks, and neither team looks impressive at all.


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