Trade deadline

So the NHL announced yesterday that the trade deadline has been pushed back a day to Wednesday, March 4.

The reason for the move, according to TSN, is because there are 12 games scheduled for March 3, but only two games on March 4. So with so many players switching teams, it won’t affect as many teams that night as they play shorthanded while waiting for new team mates.

But I am not happy with this move. Wednesday is the busiest day of the week at work for me. How can I have time to keep refreshing the hockey trade pages when it’s difficult enough to find time to eat lunch on a Wednesday?

Maybe I can book a day off that day and just watch TSN all day.



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2 responses to “Trade deadline

  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    And that is what one uses the Float day for. Never know Bob G. may be in the market and you wouldn’t want to miss anything. Maybe Mats will finally be available for your Habs by then.

  2. blair

    Montreal will probably need the extra time to trade its players after falling out of playoff contention. Oh wait, scratch that, replace the word Montreal with Ottawa.

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