Favourite sites

Besides the blogs posted on the right of this page, there are quite a few other blogs that I visit quite regularly. I thought I’d put a few of them here for you to visit as well.

Bad Parking: A blog where people can submit photos of those who have horrible parking skills. Some of them are really quite bad. I highly recommend this site.

The Steel Cage: A wrestling blog by two guys who work at Newsday. One used to be a creative writer for the WWE, so his insight is refreshing. They don’t report a bunch of wrestling news, just their thoughts on wrestling today.

Four Habs Fans: A little more risque, they have a good-humoured look at the Habs and their opponents. A few racy photos, and it may take a while to figure out the nicknames of some of the players (such as Doom), but easily the most entertaining NHL blog.

Five for Smiting: I’m not a Sens fan, but this is a pretty good blog. Especially since they’re losing a lot lately.

That’s about it. I still recommend the blogs on the right, and these above. There are more, but if I give you too many, you won’t get any work done, will you?


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  1. DOOM – Destroyer Of Other Men, aka Mike Komisarek.

    Thanks for the props!

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