Poor sports

Anyone else play any of those online games that come with Windows?

I’m talking about the ones where you play anonymously against people in checkers, backgammon, spades, hearts and reversi.

I play most of them, and I’m finding more and more people are poor sports.

Because there’s a pull-down menu of things for you to say, you can’t say whatever you want to people. So when someone is about to lose with maybe one or two turns left, they just stop. They don’t quit the game, they just don’t make a move. Many people will just keep it like that for hours.

Someone should tell these people that a sore loser is still a loser. Even if they don’t make the last move, they still lost.

The games, from MSN, could be better with just two simple little changes. If a move isn’t made within 10 seconds, the computer makes it for you. If you do it three times in one game, the computer automatically takes over for you for the rest of the game.

The other way would be to attack the person’s ego by somehow keeping track of their wins and losses. If they leave a game early, it’s a loss. If the computer has to take over, it’s a loss. These people don’t move so they technically don’t lose, so why not just hit them up with a loss anyways.


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