Goalie situation

I’ve heard Pierre McGuire of TSN say this quite a few times now, and it irks me.

If the Ottawa Senators had Martin Brodeur since 1995, they would have had plenty of Stanley Cups by now.

Wow, that’s profound, isn’t it?

Couldn’t you say that about any team in that time period? Brodeur is one of the best goalies of all time. Of course you’re going to win more Stanley Cups if you have him in your lineup. The Philadelphia Flyers would have been a more dominant team in the late 90s with Brodeur. Same with the San Jose Sharks. And so on.

But this post is not meant to ridicule McGuire (not too much, anyways). It’s to point out that the Sens have blown it time and time again when it comes to their goalie situation. Except for Dominic Hasek, they have never made an effort to get a clear-cut number one goalie. They have never tried to trade for one of those up and coming goalies.

That’s why they get stuck with guys like Alex Auld, Martin Gerber and Ray Emery.

Curtis Joseph has been a free agent. Miikka Kiprusoff was traded. Martin Biron was traded. Ilya Bryzgalov was picked up off waivers. Cristobal Huet has been traded twice, plus was a free agent. Curtis Joseph was traded, and has been a free agent five times. Roberto Luongo has been traded twice.

The goalies are there. But the Sens haven’t been willing to do what it takes to get that top goalie. Trade one of your superstars. Trade for a high draft pick to get a future number one goalie.

Until they’re willing to bite the bullet, they’ll always have a goalie controversy, which isn’t good for the team.


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8 responses to “Goalie situation

  1. I agree. They should move Spezza for a top-shelf goaltender. I remember thinking last spring/summer they should have tried for Huet.

  2. blair

    I don’t think it’s fair to say the Sens haven’t tried to aquire a top-end goaltender — remember the Barrasso and Hasek experiments?
    Two examples, but the Sens have only been around for little more than a decade.
    Also, it is possible to win the Stanley Cup without a top-end goalie: Detroit did it twice with Chris Osgoode in net.
    I do agree that Gerber needs to go, for both his sake and that of the team.
    But the Sens problems extend beyond the net; the team needs a top-6 forward, a puck-moving defenceman and a work ethic.
    If you trade Spezza for a good goalie you’re really just exchanging problems. Your goals against average goes down, but so does the number of goals you score.
    P.S. It’s strange hearing a Montreal Canadiens fan criticize the Sens about how they handle goalies — I’ve got two words for you: Patrick and Roy.

  3. newfcollins

    See, the Habs have taken chances to get a number goalie. They had Thibeault (a first round pick acquired in the Habs trade), Theodore (Hart trophy winner), Huet (brought the Habs to the playoffs) and Price (goalie of the future).

    The Sens, meanwhile, drafted Mathieu Chouinard twice.

  4. Dennis

    I absolutely agree with Tom. It’s funny, I was thinking about this the other day. Ottawa’s biggest problem from day one has been goaltending. And I don’t think anyone can say differently. They’ve never had that one guy. I remember Alex Auld from his Canucks days and he was mediocre at best. Canucks fans were always nervous when he played.
    Now, with Gerber and Auld, the trend continues.

  5. j2i2m22

    You can’t say that Lalime’s tenure with the Sens was a bad one though. They had the goaltending with him, but couldn’t score any goals against the Leafs in play-offs. I vaguely remember Lalime skating out the blue line and pointing to the bench as if to say, “I’m doing my part, do yours!”

  6. newfcollins

    Lalime was the benefit of a defensive system though. Jacques Martin never let his team open up and play an offensive game. In his busiest season with the team for games played, he faced about 23 shots a game. And it was about the same amount of shots his last season.

  7. j2i2m22

    23 shots against Gerbs or Auld is good for about 3 goals right now though… let alone 30+ shots, and since the Sens only have 1 line, its tough to score goals.

    I’m not saying that Lalime was bonafide number one tender (especially after they cracked down on equipment size) but he did the part while he was there.

  8. j2i2m22

    Case in point: Leafs Win!

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