Gaborik to the Habs?

So Marian Gaborik wants out of Minnesota. Whether it happens in a trade or next summer as a free agent, he’s pretty much gone.

Many people think he will go to Montreal, but I’m not sure if that will happen. See, Montreal doesn’t have the cap space as they only have about $200,00 left to spend. Gaborik makes more than $6 million. Plus, Montreal has only 10 players signed past this season. And since the Wild probably want players that are already signed, it severely limits what trades can happen.

The other problem is that Gaborik wants to sign a contract extension for about $8 million a year. This is for a player who is often-injured, and has only had more than 67 points in his career once in seven years.

But he has a huge upside, and I’m optimistic (okay, not really). I figured I’d try to see what I could do to trade for Gaborik if I were a Habs GM.

Chris Higgins has to be part of the deal. He’s a young guy who can score. I’m not the biggest Higgins fan, because I think he’s more one-dimensional than Michael Ryder was, but people seem to love him and could be an enticing player. Salary of $1.7 million.

Montreal can also add Roman Hamrlik. He makes $5.5 million, and would be really the only player that could be traded to help the cap space situation. He’s a big defenceman who can chip in with the odd goal.

The Habs should also throw in Kyle Chipchura. He makes just under $1 million. He’s a good player, but he doesn’t have much hope of cracking this lineup, especially with other young players making a good impact. Backup goalie Jaroslav Halak could also be thrown in instead of Chipchura, since most people think he could be a starter elsewhere.

So this would make it a three for one trade (although Minny might need to throw in a minimum-salary player to make the trade work money-wise). The Wild would get a goal-scorer, a good to great defender and a potential number one goalie (or a top prospect).

The Habs would benefit from getting a top player, and getting their young defencemen some quality ice time once Hamrlik leaves. The lines could look something like this:


Kovalev-Plekanec-A. Kostitsyn

S. Kostitsyn-Lang-Latendresse


Of course, I don’t believe a Gaborik for Higgins, Hamrlik and Chipchura/Halak trade could ever happen. Knowing my luck, Minnesota will probably end up trading him to Ottawa for Antoine Vermette, Luke Richardson and Jesse Winchester.



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6 responses to “Gaborik to the Habs?

  1. blair

    I like that trade — it would be tough making it through the season without winchester and richardson though.

  2. blair

    Could you do a blog about Canada’s team (Ottawa Senators)?

  3. Higgins, and Chipchura and Latandresse and a prospect for Gaborik and a draft pick

  4. Risk is that as good as he (Gaborik) is also injury prone.

  5. Dennis

    I like the Habs the way they are right now. Imagine if they get this guy, damage the chemistry, and then he starts to get hurt? Or even if he doesn’t get hurt, he’s not Wayne Gretzky.
    Okay, Chris Higgins – fine. And Steve Begin. And Chipchura.
    But I wouldn’t want to see anyone else go. Not this year. And he’s not worth 8 million.

  6. Number31

    Hello, worst trade of the year award~! Gaborik is not worth losing those players, and he’ll probably go where all the expensive forwards go: Tampa Bay. (Who will throw 2 lines on waivers to clear space and then wonder what went wrong when they start losing, and then proceed to claim some dregs for defense recently put on waivers).

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