Christmas time is here?

So we’ve just celebrated our Thanksgiving in Canada. Halloween is not quite here. Neither is Remembrance Day.

Yet, while watching The Big Bang Theory on Monday night, I saw my first Christmas commercial, 66 days before Christmas actually gets here. I know several stores already have Christmas displays up already. My neighbour had put up a wreath already.

Isn’t this rushing it a little bit? It seems as if every year, Christmas arrives sooner and sooner. At this rate, we’re only a couple of decades away from seeing Christmas products all year round.

The thing I hate the most is the fact so many people start celebrating Christmas so early that by the time Dec. 27 rolls around, people are sick of it. The first person on the block to turn on their Christmas lights (usually in November) will stop turning them on by Dec. 26.

But I like celebrating Christmas for at least a week after Christmas. I like visiting people, wishing them Merry Christmas, etc. But by the time we get to Dec. 28, people are preparing for Valentine’s Day.

So I propose new laws to make sure this doesn’t happen. It’s fairly simple to follow.

1) You can’t start selling holiday items until the holiday before it has passed (so no celebrating Christmas until after Halloween, or if you’re in the U.S., Thanksgiving).

2) You can’t sell Christmas stuff unless there is snow on the ground, or a maximum of 30 days before Dec. 25.

3) Santa Claus is not allowed to appear at any malls, parades, etc. until we actually hit the month of December.

4) Christmas music is not to be played before Dec. 10.

5) You can put up lights on your house in advanced because of weather restrictions, but you can’t turn them on until two weeks before Christmas.

If we follow these rules, maybe we can actually celebrate the 12 days of Christmas (which starts on Dec. 25), instead of two months of preparing for Christmas.



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2 responses to “Christmas time is here?

  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. Lashauna

    I concur Tom.

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