Taking my ball and going home

I’m sure the police have important things to do in Cincinnati. Like police officers everywhere, they risk their lives every day, and probably wish neighbours could resolve disputes on their own.

That’s why some parents in the Ohio city should be ashamed of what happened.

Apparently, kids were kicking a ball, and it kept landing in a neighbour’s yard. This has been an ongoing dispute between the old lady and the kids. So this time the woman decided to keep the ball. We’ve all heard this type of story before.

But this case turned out a little different. One of the parents decided to call the police, and 89-year-old Edna Jester was arrested for petty theft for keeping the ball.

Have you ever heard of anything as asinine as this? What did the ball cost, $5? That’s a good lesson to be teaching the kids. When all else fails, call the cops for a stupid dispute. Could you imagine taking that call as a police officer?

Police: Police department, what is the nature of the emergency?

Neighbour: My neighbour has stolen our $5 ball and won’t give it back.

Police: Excuse me?

Neighbour: My kids kicked the ball into her yard, now she won’t give it back.

Police: *click*

Jester could end up going to jail for six months and fined $1,000, but I’m hoping the judge is smart enough to dismiss the charges, and berate the parent for tying up the police and the court’s time on this nonsense. Heaven forbid a real crime happened and the police was too busy dealing with this issue to stop a real criminal.

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