Faking AIDS

So a couple of radio announcers in Minneapolis thinks NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson faked AIDS.

According to the story found here, Chris Baker and Langdon Perry of KTLK, said Johnson faked having the disease. They never said why they thought that, or if they were trying to be funny (it wasn’t), but they were way over the top.

I understand talk radio is difficult, and you’re going to screw up every once in a while. But this isn’t arguing with someone because you’re having a bad day, or you’re confusing two people. You’re straight out making a ridiculous statement.

And it makes you look like a buffoon.

Magic, who has HIV, not AIDS, said he doesn’t want the talk show hosts fired. He believes Baker and Perry should educate the audience. I wonder how that’s going to go? Probably not too well.


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One response to “Faking AIDS

  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Not sure why they said that either, if it was an attempt to be funny they missed big time. If it was a legit comment i would like to know what they based their position on.
    More education and class may be required.

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