Fire the coach

I’m not one to normally say a coach has to be fired.

But after watching the debacle that happened in Houston yesterday, Texans coach Gary Kubiak has to go.

There is no way you should ever coach a game like he did the last few minutes yesterday.

In case you missed it, the Texans were beating the Indianapolis Colts by 17 points with about five minutes to go. The Colts score a touchdown, and the lead is now 10 points, with four minutes to go.

All they need to do is run the ball. They don’t even need a first down. Running the ball on three straight plays will waste more than two minutes. Either the Colts have to use their timeouts, or they don’t have much time.

So the Texans run the first play, but throw an incomplete pass, which stops the clock. Then, they set up the quarterback Sage Rosenfels to throw again. But there’s no one open. So he tries to run for the first down. And instead of just sliding safely, he tries to leap for the first down, fumbles the balls, which is returned by the Colts for a touchdown.

This whole thing killed 27 seconds! Instead of two minutes, it was only 27 seconds, and it let the other team score! Why have him throw?

Fine, Houston still has a three-point lead. You think they learned their lesson. After getting the ball back, they rush the first time, and then throw another incomplete pass! They stopped the clock again! And then they tried to throw again, and Rosenfels was sacked, fumbled, and loss the ball. Two plays later, touchdown for the Colts, and the game.

The team hadn’t won a game all season. Why start gambling it away when you’re up by 10 points? Especially when the quarterback on the other team is Peyton Manning. Keep the ball out of his hands.

Forget the fact Rosenfels fumbled twice, but why was he throwing in the first place? That’s the playcalling of the coach, and it was brutal. And it’s not like they had trouble running the ball. Steve Slaton ran for 93 yards and two touchdowns.

If you don’t understand basic football, you don’t deserve to be an NFL head coach.


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