Vote swapping

So it seems like one of the strangest stories to come out of this election (and there’s been a lot of strange stories) is this vote swapping thing.

Basically, in a effort to get someone elected, you may be willing to change your vote in your riding with someone else to get certain candidates elected. For example, if you live in a riding where there’s an NDP candidate who is the second-best chance, but you want to vote for Liberal, you would vote NDP. In exchange, someone who lives in a riding where the Liberal has the second-best chance of winning, would vote Liberal on your behalf.

This would apply to the Green and Conservative parties as well.

This is a ridiculous idea, for several reasons. First, it’s all on the honour system, and there’s no way to make sure someone actually votes for your party.

Second, there’s nothing to prevent someone from promising a bunch of people that he will vote for their party, but not end up doing. How do you know the guy you’re dealing with hasn’t promised his vote to another party? Or to 10 other people?

Third, if you want to vote a certain way, you should just do it. Why not make a statement in your riding of who you support?

If you decide to vote for someone you don’t necessarily want in your riding instead of voting for the party you do support, then you’re throwing your vote away.

And that’s not what a democratic election is about.


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  1. Katie

    I’d vote for YOU.

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