Worst roads

Once again it’s time for the worst road campaign in Ontario.

With what started out as a good idea a few years ago has quickly gone downhill.

Residents in Ontario can vote for what they think is the worst road in the province at this web site. At the end of the voting, experts are sent out to grade the roads that received the most votes, and then they are ranked.

Originally it was a good idea. It was seen as a way to bring horrible roads to the attention of cities, so they would be shamed into doing something about it.

But now it’s just something that is driven by special interest groups.

For example, in Ottawa, Limebank Road regularly gets voted on as the second worst road in the province. Never mind that the city just fixed one intersection, is putting in temporary traffic lights in another, and is planning on widening the road within the next two years, yet people are still voting for it.

In fact, they’re encouraged to by the local community association.

The funny thing is that Limebank isn’t even the second worst road in Ottawa, much less the province. I would argue that Hunt Club is worse, and they have more traffic, more accidents, more traffic jams and switches speeding limits throughout its length.

Same with Carling Avenue, Bronson Avenue and Bank Street.

But if you read the comments of people who posted that Limebank is the worst road, it’s enough to make you laugh. One said that Limebank Road leads to a community of 60,000. Another said Riverside South is just over 4,000. Quite a discrepancy there.  

So once again, Limebank Road will finish in the top five, even though the city is in the process of fixing it.

So doesn’t that go against everything the web site first wanted to do?


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  1. dave0

    Um, it’s always been driven by special-interest groups. The “Worst Roads” campaign was initially started by a construction industry association as a way to drive citizens to lobby for more road spending by all levels of government.

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