5 favourite Sens moments

I know I make fun of the Ottawa Senators a lot (with good reason). But I thought I would start the NHL season off this year with an olive branch to Sens fans.

They did go to the finals two years ago. They do have a great first line. They have made an effort to get rid of some of the problems they had last year.

It’s not right to hate on a team so much. So with that being said, here were my top five favourite Ottawa Senators moments of the 2007-2008 season.

5) Chris Neil takes on Donald Brashear in a game on

3) We’re coming back!

The Sens are down 2-0 halfway through the third period against the always great Montreal Canadiens. That’s when a Sens fan decides to cheer his team on with his prediction of a Sens comeback. Montreal scores three seconds later, and go on to a 3-0 win, and clinch the division title.

Good on the fans though, for never giving up and always supporting your team, even if it makes you sound silly.

2) Another comeback

Montreal took a 7-1 lead after two periods, and took the third period off. Ottawa came back to make it 7-5. Good on them for finally showing up for the period Montreal took off. Most teams would have licked their wounds and waited for another night. But not the Sens. They decided to make a lopsided loss look more like a decent loss. Good for them.

1) Meet the Spartan

Good for Ottawa to try and get fans engaged in the playoffs, even though they didn’t show up for the first two games in Pittsburgh and were down 2-0 in the series. Glad to see them try to get the fans going, even though most fans were, 1) confused, and 2) decidedly more calm after the introductions. Nothing says Ottawa Senators more than something screwing up.


So there’s my olive branch, Sens fans. I hope you accept it. It would be better if we were friends. I would hate for us to be bitter with one another when the Habs are hoisiting the Stanley Cup in June. We might even let you hold it, but just for a minute.



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2 responses to “5 favourite Sens moments

  1. Graham

    Hmmm, I think this one may call for a formal rebuttal. Stay tuned!

  2. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Good thing that olives are small and don’t weigh a lot because i don’t think that your branch is very strong. At least a backhanded complement is a complement.
    ps. I liked you comments about my picks on my blog but sadly it looks like a sub .500 again…hate the backdoor cover.

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