And the Emmy goes to….

So the Emmys are tonight.

Does anyone actually care?

I only found out about it by fluke. I don’t know anyone who watches these things. There’s just too many award shows nowadays for any one of them to mean anything.

Maybe it’s just the shows I watch nowadays. Or maybe I’m tired of seeing one show get nominated in 87 categories (it reeks of laziness when only a few shows get a chance to shine on the big stage).

The only show I watch that got nominated for a big award is Lost and Survivor (and even that only got best host). Lost was only nominated twice. I don’t watch Mad Men, or Two and a Half Men, or anything else with Men in the title. I’ve never seen an episode of House, Entourage, or How I Met Your Mother (even when Britney Spears was on it).

I do watch Heroes. How could no one from Heroes get nominated for anything? Not one award?!?

But most of the awards have the same shows nominated. Dull, dull, dull. More people watch the pre-show red carpet show than the awards show, just to see what everyone is wearing.

Thanks goodness there’s a good NFL football game on (Green Bay Packers taking on the Dallas Cowboys).


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