Women Against Fantasy Sports

Apparently some women hate fantasy sports.

Who knew?

Luckily, my wife is understanding enough to allow me to continue playing. Although she gets bored when the actual draft happens, she’s very supportive the rest of the time. If I ask her for the computer on Sunday morning so I can make sure my fantasy football roster is up to date, she’s cool with it. In fact, she’ll ask how it looks and what my chances are, even though she doesn’t follow football.

That’s why I was surprised to read about the website, Women Against Fantasy Sports. On the site, women can talk about stories about their husbands and their fantasy sports (such as a woman whose husband waited until the end of a baseball draft before realizing she was going into labour, or the woman’s husband who delayed their evacuation during a hurricane so he could update his lineup).

There’s even a section devoted on how to ruin his draft.

It’s a fun website. I don’t take it too seriously, because I know even though I love fantasy sports, I’m not over the top.

In fact, I encourage most women to check it out, because then your husband won’t seem as bad.

But I find the best way around fantasy sports is to have your partner involved. A few years ago, I convinced my wife to participate in her first NHL hockey pool, and it happened to be the playoffs. For the first two rounds afterwards, this would be our conversation:

Me: Hi honey, what do you want to do tonight?

Wife: There’s a double-header of hockey on. We’re staying in to watch the games.

Me: I love you!

My wife loved it. She checked the pool stats several times a day, learned who the players were, and we had a special bond between us.

As well, at one point, she won three hockey pools in a row, which always helps.

Only 20 more days until this year’s draft!



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2 responses to “Women Against Fantasy Sports

  1. jordzuck

    Nice, I have a site that serves women FOR fantasy sports.
    You and your wife might enjoy it.

  2. My girlfriend doesn’t mind me using the computer for fantasy football…..However, when it comes to watching the games on t.v, she gets quite annoyed. Better keep her away from that site 🙂

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