Fantasy football

So I was successful in my first week of fantasy football, thanks to an injury to Tom Brady.

Now Yahoo says I’m behind in week 2. I’m having some debate over who to start at QB. We have two QB positions. Drew Brees is a gimmie. But for the other spot, it’s usually Jeff Garcia, who’s not playing this week. So I can put in Jake Delhomme or Matt Cassel.

Delhomme is playing against a tough Chicago defence, and Steve Smith is still out with a suspension. But he has experience. Cassel hasn’t started a football game since high school, but everyone else on the New England Patriots are great. Plus, with their offensive line, Cassel should have more time to get a good throw than most other quarterbacks.

Delhomme is at home, Cassel on the road. Yahoo favours Delhomme getting more points today.

I think I’ll go with Cassel, just because the Bears’ defence scares me.

The rest of my fantasy football is solid, I think. I have Larry Fitzgerald and Reggie Williams for receivers, Adrian Peterson and Maurice Jones-Drew for RBs, and Jason Witten as my tight end.

I had another tough chouce at runningback. I could put in Chris Perry of the Bengals, or Ricky Williams of the Miami Dolphins. Williams has the easier team, playing against Arizona. But Miami is all-around awful. Perry isn’t the number one runningback on the team, but the Bengals aren’t as bad as the Dolphins.

I could also put in Chester Taylor in that spot, but I don’t like the idea of the backup RB in the same lineup as the top guy that I also have.

For now, I have Perry in, but that could change quickly.

The rest of the spots are fine. John Kasay kicking and I have the Patriots and Bears defence.

Hopefully I continue my winning ways.


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  1. Nice team for fantasy football. Bears DEF/ST gave up 20 points to Panthers, not enough to crush you.

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