I love games. Board games, card games, sports, etc. Anything that pits me and my team against someone else is a fun time.

That being said, I’m disappointed one of my favourite online games seems to be no more.

Acrophobia was a fun game. It would give you a category, and three letters. For example, the category might be food, and the letters CCC. Your goal was to come up with a sentence or phrase that begin with those letters. So in this case, you might say “Chocolate Chip Cookies,” or “Chocolate Cheese Cake” or “Crazy Canadian Chef”.

After the time is up, everyone votes on the best answer. You get one point for every vote, and the fastest person to enter an answer to get a vote got an extra two points. The one who got the most votes got some bonus points.

If you didn’t vote, you couldn’t get any points.

It was a lot of fun, but it hasn’t been around for years. Other web sites have tried to recreate it, but they’re not as good because people don’t visit the sites. If people aren’t playing, it’s not as fun. The more people in each game, the better, because you have more choice when voting. That makes it harder.

Anyways, I hope it comes back at some point. It would be fun to play again.


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  1. Acrophobia games are best game for enjoying fun. It is lot of fun.

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