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Football – Week 1

Some thoughts on Week 1 of the new football season:

So yesterday was the start of the NFL seasonĀ — that’s the National Favre League for those who don’t know. Apparently, Brett Favre is now a New York Jet. Who knew? I’m surprised networks were allowed to show other games, with so much hype behind number four.

In other news, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may have injured his leg enough to the point that he is gone for the rest of the season. The collective groans heard yesterday were from people who drafted Brady in the first few picks of their fantasy football teams. The cheers were from those who didn’t (such as me, who faced Brady in the first week).

Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts lost their first game, while Eli Manning and the New York Giants won theirs, proving which brother is the better quarterback once and for all.

Of course, many people are already speculating with the Brady injury and the Colts loss that the two Superbowl favourites are done for the season. I don’t think anyone can judge that after week one. If so, then the Atlanta Falcons and Buffalo Bills must look upstoppable this season.

I thought the St. Louis Rams would bounce back from a bad year last year. They had a horrible 2007 season, and I figured it was mostly due to injuries (Steven Jackson, Marc Bulger, the entire offensive line: pretty much the only person not injured was the kicker, but I heard he played through the pain). They lost 38-3 to the Eagles yesterday, pretty much screwing up my darkhorse pick for the year.

On the bright side, thanks to the injury to Brady and a great game from the Chicago Bears defence, my fantasy team is leading by about 2.7 points. We each have a player left to go. My opponent has the Minnesota Vikings defence, while I have their starting runningback and #2 pick overall St. Louis Rams. The Vikings play the Green Bay Packers in one of two Monday night games.


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