There’s been a lot said lately about Sarah Palin, who would be vice-president of the United States if Republican John McCain wins the U.S. election. For some reason, most of it has been focused on whether she is a good mother.

See, her daughter is pregnant. The daughter is only 17 years old, and says she plans to marry the father. A lot of people question whether Palin should have accepted the role of McCain’s running mate if she knew her daughter was going to be thrown into the spotlight like this.

I think it’s acceptable. Sarah has stood behind her daughter through all this, and I’m sure there was a lot of family discussion before she accepted the role.

On the flip side though, you have Lynne Spears, mother of Britney Spears. She is planning on releasing a tell-all book about her daughter. It’s going to state things like Britney lost her virginity at the age of 14, started drinking at 13 and doing drugs at 15. Britney is said to be very upset over all this, as well she should be.

If she knows Britney was doing all this stuff at such a young age, where was Lynne? Remember, Britney was 17 before she became hugely successful, so there’s no way stardom led her to do those things. It had to be her upbringing.

And why isn’t Lynne supporting her daughter now, when Britney needs it the most, instead of writing a tell-all book?

Should you compare the two women, Sarah and Lynne? Probably not. But it is interesting to point out that the one who preaches family values is helping to support her daughter in her time of need, while another who is in it for money is trying to tear her daughter down in her time of need.



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2 responses to “Motherhood

  1. Graham

    I can’t believe Britney’s mom is writing a tell all book about her daughter?! That’s a brand new low.

    Still with Sarah Palin – I am sure they did all talk about it as a family but I don’t think a 17 yr old girl really has the capacity to understand the consequences of her decision here. Sarah had two choices here. One was better for her and one was better for her daughter. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity but still she had to decide if she was a mom first, or a politician first. She chose politician and people can take that however they want

  2. Jan

    I personally don’t understand how Sarah Palin could choose politics over her children. With five kids including a 17 year-old pregnant daughter and a four month-old son with Down’s syndrome she still thought it would be a good idea to perform one of the most gruelling and public runs for office??

    I am strong supporter and big believer in having more women in political office, but not at the price of the children she leaves behind at home.

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