Some Habs news

The pre-season is only a couple of weeks away. If it weren’t for Mats Sundin, Montreal Canadiens’ fans wouldn’t have had much to talk about this offseason.

Regardless, there are a few tidbits that didn’t get enough coverage.

First, the Habs web site had a contest going where people could vote for the all-time best games. In celebration of the 100th anniversary, the Canadiens will be releasing a special DVD set showing the full 10 games as voted on by the fans. They won’t say which games won (although I’m willing to bet Patrick Roy’s last game won’t be on there).

I’m pretty anxious to see this. I know the Phildelphia Flyers released one of these a few years back, and from what I heard, it was excellent.

The other bit of news is that the Habs may be wearing a fourth jersey this year. Apparently, in celebration of their 100 years, they may wear a jersey based on one from the early part of their existence. The striped one is from the 1912-1913 season, and the other one is from the 1915-1916 season.



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3 responses to “Some Habs news

  1. Dennis

    I like them both. I’m just glad they’re not coming up with some new kind of sweater like those third jerseys teams wore a few years back. I was so happy that Montreal didn’t do it like so many others.

  2. Shawn

    Ottawa… you live in… Ottawa…

  3. sahar009

    I would go for the stripped one. Just to really be different from everyone else, and also to blind the opposite team 😉 Who said visual tactical advantage was cheating?

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