No more nun beauty pageant

An Italian priest, Father Antonio Rungi, wanted to have a beauty contest for nuns.

His goal was to show the world that nuns aren’t old, and that indeed, many young people work to become nuns. He has hoping to get more people interested in joining, because of a decline in numbers.

Many people complained. Father Rungi cancelled the pageant.

Too bad, because it was a good idea.

Look, he wasn’t talking about having a swimsuit competition, or a evening gown portion, or having the winner do a calandar like she was a Hooters girl. He was looking for a way to show that being a nun isn’t a bad thing. And in today’s world, you have to do something different to get young people’s attention.

And this was different. Everyone complains about a beauty pageant being being superficial, but if there was ever a chance to have one that showed the inside beauty of someone, this was it.


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One response to “No more nun beauty pageant

  1. Dennis

    I shudder to think about my grades seven and eight teachers, both nuns, in a beauty pageant. I think I need a drink.

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