The NHL’s best fans are…?

So it’s now been proven using statistics.

The Montreal Canadiens have the best fans in the NHL.

A guy in Minnesota, a blogger named Derek Felska,  decided to see what team has the best NHL fans. He studied average attendance over the past three seasons, fan activity during games, fan activity on message boards and blogs, and the team’s average finish.

Montreal came first, as if there were any doubt. The passion for the Habs is something most other NHL fans can only dream of. They support their team no matter what, are loud during games, and are willing to tell everyone else they are the best.

The Toronto Maple Leafs were number three, and the Detroit Red Wings were second.

The Ottawa Senators were 11th, and the worse Canadian team. That should say something.

There were some surprises. Minnesota was fourth (I think home-town favourtism comes into play here). The San Jose Sharks were 13th, and the Pittsburgh Penguins 14th (both behind the Tampa Bay Lightning). The Anaheim Mighty Ducks were 17th, and the Washington Capitals were ranked behind the Los Angeles Kings. The Boston Bruins were 22 (a real travesty, I think).

The worst team was the New Jersey Devils. The top 10 can be found here, with links on the side to the other 20.



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3 responses to “The NHL’s best fans are…?

  1. Graham

    Montreal fans probably got extra points for burning cars after losing.

    • Tomahawk

      1. Montreal Canadiens – The Canadiens have a strong hockey history that includes a record 24 Stanley Cup Championships. They also have the largest arena in the NHL and they have sold out every game this season – all 21,273 seats. However, numbers alone do not get a team into the top spot on this countdown. Montreal has the most devoted fans in the league; these are fans that know and love the game of hockey. Earlier in the season, NHL fan Steve Williamson lived out his dream by visiting all 30 arenas in 30 consecutive nights, giving him a great perspective on the fans in each city. “As far as atmosphere, Montreal was the best, without a doubt. It was unbelievable,” Williamson told ESPN’s David Amber. “During the game itself, the fans followed every nuance of every shift. It was like watching a tennis match where every fan was keyed in to every play. I loved it there.”

  2. Ron Spence

    I have written a Bob Gainey piece for my blog:
    Keep up the good work.
    Ron Spence

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