Best news of the summer

So the Hockey News has come out with its hockey fantasy pool guide.

It has most of the Montreal Canadiens taking a dive point-wise. That’s fine. I can live with that as long as the Habs keep winning.

But the best news has to do with the Ottawa Senators. It was Martin Gerber winning 15 games, and his backup winning 10. That equals 25 wins, which is only 50 points. Even if they gets 15 points from shootout/overtime losses, that only gives them 65 points.

ESPN has put the Sens as finishing 10th in the Eastern conference, but they don’t take a guess at points, but that would have them out of the playoffs.

So either the Hockey News is expecting the Sens to trade for a goalie at some point, or they’re predicting Ottawa will have the worst NHL season since the 1995-96 season, when they had only 41 points.

Personally, I’d like to see the latter. It’d be fun to watch the Sens continue their brutal second half last season for a full year.



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3 responses to “Best news of the summer

  1. Cheryl

    You’re cruel.

  2. I’m so buying you some Sens gear for Christmas.
    And by buying, I mean making you something out of macaroni and glitter. It will be made by me and therefore, you have to keep it.
    Or I’ll be sad.

    check it out if you want to win your hockey pool this year……cheers

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