High-tech autograph collecting

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you know I collect autographs.

William Shatner has taken it to a whole new level. Basically, instead of having his name on a piece of paper, you will get a personalized video sent to you. It’s called Live Autographs, and can be found by clicking here.

If you want Shatner to sing you a Happy Birthday, you can. If you want him to answer a specific question, he can do that too.

And it’s not just Shatner. He has a slew of celebrities onboard, such as Danica Patrick, Tricia Helfer, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Carmen Electra, Serena Williams, Hulk Hogan, and Raven-Symone.

It also has most of the cast from Lost, including Yunjin Kim, Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Jorge Garcia, Evangeline Lilly, Daniel Dae Kim and Henry Ian Cusick.

And all it will cost you is $149. You do also get an autograph, and certain signatures can cost you more. For example, with Hulk Hogan, you can get a signed replica championship belt for $449.

The video would be cool to have, but it’s very expensive. I think I’d rather have the scribble on the piece of paper.



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6 responses to “High-tech autograph collecting

  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    I have trouble sometimes with the 96c stamp and then the return postage. Think I will spare the $149 and stick with the atheletes and the paper option as well. That is just crazy…even if I am a huge fan of Carmen Electra

  2. But, how much for a video of Tom Collins singing happy birthday to me?

  3. Hockey Ink

    wayyy too expensive for a live autograph.

  4. Chris Mak

    I paid for Shatner and a few more who are coming like Hogan as I know he will go up in value.

    Anyway.. it isn’t all bad.. I have this code they gave me CH77 use it to get 10% off.

    Do like I did, I had Hogan and Shatner say a whole thing about safety and how we are the safest (as they cant mention a company by name).. a generic thing for a construction site. And I have had offers from other companies to buy it from me. So you CAN make money off this in the end if you are smart.

  5. Steven Wilson

    Its not expensive— these are unique items — how about a 10% off any item– they gave me the code ch77

  6. Diana Ramirez

    LIVEAUTOGRAPHS IS A SCAM!!! They charged me on January for the event where supossedly Matthew Fox from LOST would sign. After I asked several times on Feb when was this happening they said on 2nd week of March.
    At the end of March! they said they couldn’t do it, and would refund my credit card. So far April 15, 2009 and no REFUND YET!!!
    You don’t sell something you don’t have, and if you are honest and had problems you refund people immediately.

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