Play on

So I played in a ball hockey tournament this weekend, called “Play On.” The group is going across the country, staging ball hockey tourneys in an effort to set a world record or something.  It was presented by the Hockey Night in Canada TV show from the CBC.

So we get our schedule for the first day. Our first game is at 9:30 a.m., and then we don’t play until 1:30 p.m.. And then after that, we don’t play again until 5 p.m. The games are half an hour long, so we experienced wait times of five hours, and another one of three hours.

That’s pretty brutal. I think they wanted people to wait around and order burgers and pop and that. But most players left in between games and came back later. So they didn’t make any money that way (or very little). I live a half hour away, and I thought it was better to go home and go back later.

Plus, it’s not like they were raising money for charity or anything so that people would want to spend money there.

I think they forgot the name of the tournament was Play On, not Sit Around and Wait.

Just brutal.


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  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Probably needed the huge wait in between games when you are shorrthanded and need the time to pump oxygen into the system.

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