There are some sick people out there.

As many of you know, Tim McLean was killed and beheaded last month on a Greyhound bus. Vince Weiguang Li has been chraged with the murder.

But word has now come out that someone is posing as McLean’s sister, Amanda, and is asking for money. One person, who created a Facebook page in memory of McLean, thought the story was real, and turned over control of the page to this person.

The person said they had created a paypal account, and members of McLean’s family had to quit their jobs to help each other out through the ordeal.

People got suspicious when it was reported McLean’s family had already set up a fund (you can read the full story here).

I think there were other reasons why people should have been suspicious from the start, such as, why would all the members of the family have to quit their jobs? I’m sure employers would have given them paid time off to deal with their situation, and if not, I’m sure that would have been reported by now.

Also, why would McLean’s sister be contacting people on Facebook to raise money? The media would surely help get the word out in that regard.

Whoever was the person behind this scam is totally classless. They deserve to go to prison for a long time.


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