Olympic additions and subtractions

On the news that I just heard that women’s softball will not be a sport at the next summer Olympics, I think it’s time the International Olympic Committee take a step back and hire someone else to decide what should stay and what should go.

I am happy to accept the position. I understand it’s a great responsibility, but I have thought long and hard about this (I spent, like, my whole lunch thinking of this).

First I would bring back women’s softball. It’s just silly to take it out and leave baseball in. I understand the U.S. team is strong, but the other countries need that measuring stick to try and improve themselves. It’s like women’s ice hockey in the winter Olympics, which is dominated by the Canadian team. Besides, in a few years, we’ll get a country that will shock everyone with the upset, leaving the U.S. team is disarray, which is what happened with the U.S. men’s basketball team for a while.

Then I would add some other team sports. Ultimate frisbee would be one of them. It’s a good, fast-paced sport that doesn’t require a lot of room or officials, because they’re self-reffed. I would also add football to the program, and make sure soccer is called soccer, so as not to confuse other countries. Because the CFL is ongoing, and the NFL is going through the preseason, that means there would be a chance to get behind a major sport where professionals wouldn’t be able to make it.

Cricket should also be added. As would rugby. Those two sports are popular the world round, even if the North American teams aren’t as good. I’d love to watch a Canadian cricket team.

I would also add some individual sports, like golf and ultimate fighting. I know ultimate fighting seems barbaric to some, but it’s not any different than boxing or wrestling.

Speaking of boxing, those rules need to be changed. First, get rid of the headgear. Second, get rid of the scoring. Have it you win when you knock your opponent down.

And I’d actually be in favour of poker being there as well.

Because we’re adding sports, some have to be taken away.

First off, anything to do with judging has to be eliminated unless there’s a way to change it, like the aforementioned boxing. Synchronized swimming, trampoline, horse jumping, diving, rhythm gymnastics. All gone. Wrestling can be changed so someone has to be pinned, so that stays. Baseball and basketball already keep scores, so they’re safe.

There’s too many swimming events. I’d cut them by at least half (sorry Michael Phelps). Same with track. I’d cut a few of those as well. We don’t need a 200-metre race. They should only go up in multiplications of 10. So the races would be 100 metres, 1000 metres, 10000 metres, etc.

That’s about it. Nothing too drastic to start. But I think the Games need to be improved upon, and this is a good first step to doing it.



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5 responses to “Olympic additions and subtractions

  1. Cheryl

    Sorry, Tom, but I wouldn’t vote for you. Diving? Trampolining? They must stay.
    And poker is not a sport.

  2. newfcollins

    Wait, if poker isn’t a sport, then why is it on TSN and ESPN so much?

    Plus, who made trampoling a sport? It’s silly. Next thing you know, there will be hopscotch at the Olympics.

  3. Great post. I agree that some team sports and events should go and some should be added. I would do away with field hockey and handball. I appreciate the effort and athleticism of the participants, but these sports are too much like hockey and soccer and water polo. No horses in the Olympics. Shooting? Not a sport in my view.

    I would add dodgeball, kickball, croquet, billiards, kick the can and the shuttle run. Remember that one for the Presidential Fitness Award? I agree – put football in there and why not Jai Alai. Definitely keep softball in the games. Ping-pong and badmitten are fun so lets add tetherball.

    I agree with you that we have to make some changes in track and field. Some radical changes. I’d do away with the metric system altogether and eliminate the hurdles. I like your thinking on eliminating some of the races. I would add a 50 yard dash though, and replace the triatholon with fishing. Oh, and what about waterskiing?

  4. Cheryl

    I agree with waterskiing and definitely kick the can. I would totally train to compete in that. I wonder what kind of venue they would need to pull that off?
    Trampolining is totally a sport! There is tons of athleticism needed for the crazy stunts they pull. I don’t think poker could be considered a sport because it requires no physical skill whatsoever.

  5. Dennis

    Just don’t touch archery because that’s what I’ll be doing in London. And what about throwing hockey cards against walls? And don’t forget about cowboy hat equestrian.

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