Spelling bee changes?

A professor in England wants to change the way we all spell.

Because there are so many poor spellers, Ken Smith wants to have it so that any variation of the word is correct, as long as you know what the word is the speller is trying to spell (read the story here).

For example, if someone spelled beech instead of beach, that would be acceptable, because you know they’re obviously trying to spell beach.

I understand English is a difficult language. There’s at least seven different ways to pronounce -ough (don’t believe me? Try saying these words out loud and you’ll see the difference: bough, cough, dough, rough, though, through, thought).

There’s also problems with rhyming, when thought and hot rhyme, but aren’t spelled the same.

Maybe it’s because I’m a journalist, but I don’t like the idea. I would get worried that the written conversation would take a nosedive. Imagine reading the same story in two different newspapers, and having two different sets of spellings. Would this new rule also apply to people’s names? And what happens when someone with a speech impediment tries to spell things the way it sounds for him?

I’m sorry, but messing with a language because some people have problems is not the way to go. If people have trouble, they have to try harder to learn. The rest of the world shouldn’t have to change to placate them.


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