Here’s the thing that gets me about the Olympics.

I don’t like how so many people get excited to watch sports that they normally wouldn’t watch, and then get upset when Canada don’t win or get a medal.

I’m all for supporting our country, but try doing it the other three and a half years in between the Olympics.

Personally, I still can’t watch gymanstics, rowing, weight-lifting. I continue to watch sports I would normally watch, like basketball or beach volleyball. In fact, I saw this awesome match between Russia and Georgia last night. Russia dominated the first set 21-10, but Georgia came back with great defence and frustrated the Russian team so much that the latter started giving each other dirty looks that was obvious even with their sunglasses.

It was kind of strange to watch these two countries face each considering the two countries were actually at war with each other up until Tuesday, calling a ceasefire. What’s funny is that the Russians are now upset they lost, saying the Georgians shouldn’t have been there.

From a BBC story (read the full thing here):

Christine Santanna and Andrezza Chagas took up an invitation to represent Georgia after missing out on Olympic qualification for their native Brazil.

The Russians accused their opponents of parading under a flag of convenience after losing 21-10 20-22 12-15.

But Santanna countered: “I don’t want this to be a war between us.”

Georgia and Russia called an uneasy truce in the disputed border region of South Ossetia just hours before the beach volleyball contest.

After the match, Russia’s Natalia Uryadova said: “We were not playing against the Georgian team today. If they are Georgian they would certainly have been influenced (by world events), but certainly they are not.”

Uryadova’s team-mate Alexandra Shiryaeva added: “Of course they’re not Georgian. They don’t even know who the Georgian president is.”

Santanna retorted: “Of course I know who the president is. It’s Mikheil Saakashvili, and I was with his wife here two days ago in the (Olympic) Village.”

Two days ago, the small Georgian team voted to withdraw from the Games because of the events in their homeland but they were persuaded to stay by their president.



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2 responses to “Olympics

  1. That is a wild sub-plot to a volleyball match. I guess the bitterness has spilled onto the courts. It is too bad that they can’t just play under the Olympic ideals and forget the politics for an hour or so. I am impressed that the Georgians and Russians spoke such good english.

  2. Dennis

    I’d like to know how swimmers doing the backstroke stay in a straight line. Is there a line on the ceiling they’re following?

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