I’m not the biggest Paris Hilton fan. In fact, I don’t even know why she’s famous, and I don’t think I’ve seen her act or sing. Yet for someone reason, the media love her.

But even I have to admit that her latest reason for being in the media is a pretty good one.

Republican candidate John McCain has gone on the offensive against his Democratic opponent, Barack Obama. He’s come out with camapign attack ads, stating that Obama is a celebrity, like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears.

So Paris decided to fight back, saying she figures if she’s being mentioned, she must be running for president. So she has created an ad that gives her thoughts on how to solve the energy crisis, plus a potential new colour for the white house.

It’s pretty good, and I’m glad she’s fighting back against McCain in a way “That’s Hot,” as she would probably call it.



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3 responses to “Paris

  1. Cheryl

    Hahaha! Silly Paris.

  2. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Broken video links don’t help you prove you point…all i wanted was to see Paris and all i get is Obama and McCain! But it was a good job by Paris to swing back, makes her seem almost human.

  3. Graham

    The kicker is that the elder Hiltons donated the maximum allowable amount to McCain’s campaign.

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